About Aubree

During the everyday stressors that come with being a college freshman, Aubree discovered Hatha Yoga with the brilliant Barbara Feldmen. Through this fantastic opportunity, Aubree learned how to balance the body with the mind and how to become connected to her breath. Over four years of dedicated practice, she learned there was more to yoga that just stretching and occasional chanting. She discovered yoga instilled a new method of thinking and provided wonderful tactics to manage stress, depression and anxiety. Most importantly, Aubree felt empowerment from focusing on the present moment and learned to detach from thoughts of the past or wonders of the future.

Her journey continued with Vinyassa, and she quickly learned yoga was more than a weekly practice. The following year her passionate practice became a training methodology to successfully complete the Boston Marathon. She recently completed her RYT200 at the renowned Back Bay Yoga studio. Aubree aims to provide a safe and fun environment when her students come to greet their mats, and hopes to transfer the same love and respect she has for this beautiful practice, in her fellow yogis. Please come to her class with an open-mind and a willingness to be moved by what this incredible practice can add to your overall mental and physical health.


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